About Us

Founded in 1996, Alvina aims at offering unique designs, the best quality and the best price under one roof in order to meet all the needs of a woman in accordance with the fashion trends of the day. Starting to go into stores in 2008, Alvina offers over 800 special products to its consumers every season in 43 concept stores on a total area of over 35,000 m2. It is also a step away from you with 300 sales points spread all over the country. Alvina plays a leading role as a trendsetter in its field in changing fashion preferences not only in Turkey but also in 96 countries around the world.

Power behind Alvina

Alvina is an internationally prestigious national company operating in the design, production and sale of women's clothing and accessories. Alvina employs 450 people, of whom 300 are salespeople in stores and 150 are in the administrative staff in the design, planning, sales and logistics departments. Production is carried out with a production staff of over 1,000. Located in İzmir Gaziemir, the center covers a closed area of 12.500 m2 and the production of Alvina is carried out here by Alvina employees. Thanks to the regional sales offices located in Izmir, Istanbul and Ankara, a dynamic service is provided to our customers' product demands on a regional basis.


Alvina has been designing and producing models that will meet all the clothing needs of a woman, from casual clothes to evening dresses, from blouses to topcoats, within the line that it has created by taking into account the demands of consumers for 27 years.

Being a Team

Alvina's most important asset is people. Our team, which adopts the general Alvina concept with team spirit, works completely with a customer focus, from design to production, from sales to shipment.

Alvina Store

In the process of retailing that started in 2008, it has been aimed to create stores with a uniform standard decoration, where all products are displayed in a way that facilitates customer preferences and the selection process, and where shopping takes place with the taste of a pleasant journey.