Can I make a change in my order before it is shipped?

  • Check the order status in "My Orders" button placed at "My Account" section at the web site.

PS: You can only make a change in an order before it comes to the "order is at the preparation stage".

You can change your order by selecting the product you want to change by tapping "I want a product change" and choosing the color or size you want from the "select your replacement product" section and pressing the SAVE button.

PS: In case of a request for a different product, please contact with customer services.


My order has been cancelled.

  • You receive a call from our customer services when your order is found risky by the system or in case there is a defective product in it. In case of any missed call for an order with one-piece product, the order is cancelled. Defective ones are cancelled and leftovers are sent in case of missed call for an order with multiple pieces.
  • Refund of the cancelled order is processed within 5 business days.
  • An information mail is also sent to the customer's e-mail address when the cancelation and refund is completed.
  • If you receive the mail, it means refund has been processed in your bank by Alvina.
  • The reflection period of the refund depends on your bank.
  • Alvina returns the fee of orders placed in installment to the bank at once. The bank returns this amount to your credit card as much as the number of installments per month. e.g.: If you bought it in 3 installments, the refund will be completed in 3 months.


Orders placed benefitting from free delivery campaign are cancelled/returned and the rest amount does not meet the campaign requirements, shipping fee is deducted from the charge that will be refunded.

There is one missing product in my order:

  • • Always open your order in the presence the courier.
  • If there is a missing product in your order, contact with customer services.

If you have been sent the wrong package:

  1. Do not receive the package.
  2. 2. Attach “Damage Assessment Report” to the courier.
  3. Resend the product/box with report and invoice to Alvina.
  4. Contact with Customers services on this issue.

The product I currently use is got defect. What should I do for a repairment?

  • The product is sent to Alvina for defect reason.
  • After received the product, Alvina sends it to the inspection unit for the necessary inspection.
  • The product is examined by inspection unit. (within 21 business days)
  • If the damage on the product is emerged from usage, it is sent to the customer with report. Shipping fee belongs to the buyer.
  • If the damage on the product is originated from fabric/production, the buyer has been given right to exchange/return.


Remember to send the original box, accessories and all parts of the product together.

How can I make a payment for the order?

You can make a payment with credit or cash at the doors for domestic orders placed at alvinaonline.com. You can pay with credit card ((3D) (MASTER, VİSA, AMERİCAN EXPRESS) and through Western Union for orders abroad.

How can I place an order?

You can place an order by signing up or as a visitor. Besides, It is possible that you log in using Facebook account information and order.

How can I find the product I am looking for?

You can find the product you would like to examine or buy by typing the product code or information on the search button placed at the top of the site.

What should I pay attention to during ordering?

The information you have registered during signing up is used for delivery. Our customer service representative contacts with you in case of any problem coming out during delivery using those information. Your order is delivered to the address you have registered. Therefore, we suggest you to keep your membership information complete and up-to-date.

 How can  I know the status of my order?

You can list your orders and see the last status by logging in and clicking on "My Account" section. On the right side of the listed orders, You can see the current status relating to your order (In Preparation, Shipped, etc.) You can have more detailed information when you click on the headline if you like.

Can I place an order without signing up?

You can place an order by signing up on alvinaonline.com or as a visitor. You can sign up on our website filling up the membership form rapidly. Besides, It is possible that you log in using Facebook account information and order.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Click on "Forgot my Password" on log in page. A new password will be sent to your e-mail address. We suggest you to change your password after you log in with the new one.

How can I cancel my order?

Control order status in the section of "My Orders" in "My Account" menu in the main page. You can contact with customer services for order cancellation if it is not at the stage of preparation.

PS: If your order is in the status of "preparation or sent by cargo", no cancellation is made.

I placed my order as a visitor. How can I track it?

Click on Customer Services > Order Track at alvinaonline.com or in mobile application. After filling up the e-mail address and order number, you can check the order status by pressing on "Bring my Order".

I placed my order as a visitor. How can I make a return/exchange?

Click on Customer Services > Order Track at alvinaonline.com or in mobile application. The order information will come out on the screen when you click on "Send the Request" button after you fill in e-mail address and order number section. Return and exchange button will be activated. For return transaction; How can I return The products I have bought?. For exchange transaction; Can I change size of the products I have received?